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September 09 2010

Depression of girls ;_;
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September 06 2010

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Highschool of the Dead #10

This episode felt much too forced and lacked the sincere and compelling character drama of last week. This was like a pit-stop, as the group take sanctuary in Saya's massive family home. But for some reason this resulted in a lot of pointless angst and argument being thrown around, none of which seemed to actually develop any of the characters or make them more believable. Actually, I did really like the scene where Komuro stops Saya from ranting selfishly about how she wasn't saved by her parents right away. That was nicely scripted, but the rest...

Zombie slaughter and fanservice are two of this anime's greatest assets, so when an episode comes along that doesn't have much of either, it doesn't feel right!

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Anime Network version of Highscool of the Dead #10 is censored .. *sigh*

Gotta wait for the AT-X raw to be subbed now~

August 30 2010

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Highschool of the Dead #9

This episodes follows the exploits of Saeko and Komuro as they are forced to spend the night together before regrouping with the others. Saeko was always my favourite of the female characters, and her and Komuro have an interesting chemistry that this episode took to new levels, opening up a physical and romantic relationship between them. This was an unexpected twist for me, as I'd assumed we'd get a Komuro/Rei pairing before anything else. Unexpected, but also really interesting! By exploring the depths of Saeko's dark and twisted character, this episode definitely made it harder for people to say it's totally shallow. It's shallow in the sense that it doesn't mind pandering with panty-shots, and bouncing breast, but now I can see that it's still able to deliver a bit of emotion and depth. Saeko's character is certainly unusual for anime (the closest thing being Revy, but she doesn't have the guilt complex), and I'm not sure where I stand on her. I don't think unleashing her sadistic mania is for the best, ultimately.

As usual, the production values were good, with some nice flashes of animation dotted throughout the action sequences.

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August 27 2010


  From the new Nyantype issue, #11!

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August 23 2010


From Highschool of the Dead #8

I don't really know what's going down here, but I like! Loli pantsu!!

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August 18 2010

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Highschool of the Dead

There wasn't much about this episode that didn't stand out, from the inconspicuous hummer, the loli-in-distress, or the sniper indulgence of manly otaku, Kouta, to the nipples on the girls' obscenely-sized breasts! All this culminated in a rescue sequence that can only be described as 'fucking awesome!' - a sexy naked-apron warrior girl riding into battle on top of a zombie-crushing hummer and supported by the gunslinging Kouta. To my amusement, Kouta was as torn as the audience when it came to the choice of zombie killan' or ero! The fanservice in this show is totally excessive (which I maintain isn't a bad thing), but it doesn't let itself rely on its shots of tits and ass, instead crafting a thoroughly entertaining mix of emotion, action, humour and action. Yeah, it's very silly, but it's silly with gusto! 

Despite its simplicity, I thought the story of the loli newcomer witnessing the murder of her father resonated better than any other character tale in the show so far. I felt sad for her. but seriously, those people in the house - what the fuck, guys!? I think most people would ask questions THEN stab, at least.

I grinned enthusiastically at the loli pee scene. It was so unexpected and out of place that it was really amusing! But unlike Kiss X Sis they didn't show anything haha

Kouta is becoming more awesome by the episode!

The animation and general execution was really good this week (as it always is). To Madhouse's credit, HotD pulls off some very ambitious action sequences for a TV-anime. And the show is clearly benefiting from the talents of Tetsuro Araki as director.

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August 12 2010

The naked-apron is the ultimate zombie-warfare attire!
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August 11 2010

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From Highschool of the Dead #5

Without a doubt, this is the coolest action sequence to come out of HotD so far! After the badass Celty entrance, we get a gloriously over-the-top bout of zombie slaughtering! This was really cleverly staged and choreographed, and exciting to watch! I think it's a good example of this series' striking production qualities and cinematic style.


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The facial expressions are perfect!
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August 10 2010

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Highschool of the Dead #6

First thing I've gotta mention .. fanservice explosion!!! And not just regular fanservice, but really unabashed fanservice! You've got to appreciate an anime that isn't ashamed to share its assets. While it may have lacked a flat-chested character for balance, the proliferation of T&A was still much appreciated! This really feels like the cliche bath-scene of old, almost like a throwback to that obligatory scene where the girls share a bath and invariably end up sizing up and groping each other's breasts. The art quality was really good, emphasizing the erotic tones very well, even if this was probably a rather cheap episode by the standards of this series. 

This is truly a great example of anime clashing with Hollywood; you get the zombie cliches straight out of zombie movies and then combine it with something only anime gets away with - full-force ecchi! What a great pit-stop this was from the zombie hordes!

Of course, there was also some fun to be had with Hirano fanboying over the gun collection at the apartment. The side-story about the police trying to maintain order was kind of hard to swallow, though. Then there's the fact that the character development remains hard to buy into. Rei comes off as needy and bitchy, and that fucking nurse - every time she opens her slutty mouth I want to kill something. Saeko is a good, relaxed character, even if it seemed like a stretch that she'd happily don a naked-apron getup! The episode was good for the T&A eye-candy but not much else.

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August 07 2010

Check out the Highschool of the Dead merchandise! Ero figure ~kyaa!
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August 05 2010


August 02 2010

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Highschool of the Dead #5

Highschool of the Dead is determined not to falter. Despite being quite ambitious in a number of ways, the production qualities have been very consistent throughout the series' run (unless you want to call them out on recap budget-saving last week!). The story remains really implausible (I just have to remind myself every so often that it's not to be believable), and the characterisation utterly obvious. But in spite of this, it's brisk pace, cinematic flare and the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously means that it's highly entertaining! 

The episode was storyboarded and directed by Yuuji Kumazawa, and I have to say he did a really impressive job. The framing was really good, rivalling the excellent first episode, and the main action sequence was staged and executed superbly! The camera pans were pulled off so well and really took that scene to the next level. There were a surprising 4 animation directors (+ the chief animation director) on board for this episode, which hopefully isn't a signal of strained scheduling!

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July 19 2010

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Highschool of the Dead 3

In the third week of Highschool of the Dead, weaknesses in the storytelling quality are starting to become more of an issue, but with unrelentingly impressive production qualities, it still manages to hold steady as an entertaining action series. By weaknesses in the story, I’m referring to some critical implausibilities that make it difficult to suspend your belief and truly get caught up in the events of the show. I know it isn’t intended to be realistic, but I always expect there to be a certain degree of logic and commonsense to a story. Now that we’ve seen just how ineffective these zombies – not only are they barely able to muster up a slow slouch towards their targets, but they’re also reliant solely on their hearing to source prey. Blind zombies without even a sense of smell; they’re not really pandemic-material. How do they even know where to bite people? I consider this a problem with the show because, putting aside the lack of believability, it takes out a sense of danger. But the biggest flaw is in the characterization. The characters are likeable enough, and have interesting facets to them, but they don’t feel like real people and so it’s difficult to empathise with them. It feels like they’re just puppets to stumble from one dramatic pinch to the next. However, there is a redeeming factor: the eye candy.   ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

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July 13 2010


HotD Director Loves Bouncing Breasts

This is pretty hilarious! This guy is a major champion of kinetic oppai! I never expected the director of Death Note to have such a shounen heart, but I guess it's a good thing he's so keen on HotD - it'll be a production made with love!

Higschool of the Dead director, Tetsuro Araki, in an interview for magazine Dragon Age. (Via Sankaku Complex)

RE:Highschool of the Dead

What would it be like if a school was overrun by zombies?

… There’d be the breasts of a hot teacher bouncing around all over the place, wouldn’t there? She’d be trying to save her class from all kinds of trouble.

I try to keep this in mind when making the anime.


“Even if the world is swarming with zombies, let us not forget the breasts and thighs!” – those are our watchwords.


I want to keep making lots of scenes full of jiggling breasts as much as possible. We really think the people who come to watch this are in it for the boobs.

Currently we are constantly researching how to better portray realistically the jiggling breast.


Yes, it’s all about the breast jiggle. I’ve never even seen an anime with as much jiggle as this. We’re still in production for the remaining episodes but we’re going to keep at it with the jiggling.

Tell us what motivated you to make Highschool of the Dead?

I’m aiming for something I would have bought myself in middle school. At present, this would definitely have been a “buy” for me. I can feel my schoolboy heart rejoicing even now.

July 12 2010


Highschool of the Dead #2

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Another entertaining episode of Highschool of the Dead! Like many other people, I am over zombies, but this foruma of HotD (fanservice, cute girls, manly men, manly military-otaku, and zombies) works very well! The production values haven't diminished at all. Again, no spectactular animation, but the cinematic and sharp directing more than makes up for it! Good music, good art, and A LOT of detail put into each scene.

●  The zombie infestation mechanics are more and more implausible. This is the case with a lot of lower-class zombie flicks, but that's no excuse! The fact that they're slow-type, spread by biting, AND incredibly stupid makes them the weakest type of zombie and something that the militray should be able to have under control in short work.

●  The new guy, military otaku, Kouta, is pretty awesome. He's generally nervous and soft-spoken but when he gets into the moment, he's a lethal killing machine with a streak of MacGyver!

●  The nurse is incredibly annoying, as I suspected. HUGE-breasted characters are universally bad (like the teacher from Mahoromatic *shudder*).

●  I like the sword-wielder! Seiyuu, Sawashiro Miyuki is a comfortable fit as the efficient warrior girl!

●  Nice sound directing in this anime - it has some good effects. I like the groans and moans we get from the zombie crowds.

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July 11 2010


July 09 2010


Highschool of the Dead Censorship Here's more caps of the censorship .. I agree with lolispotting, why even bother??
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