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August 30 2010

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From Shiki episode 8.

I just loved this beat; the way it was framed and executed was just spot on to create a shocking and tense scene. Also, I like how they punctuated the significance of what it would feel like to have smashed a stranger over the head with a shovel.

Tags: Shiki Scene

August 11 2010

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From Highschool of the Dead #5

Without a doubt, this is the coolest action sequence to come out of HotD so far! After the badass Celty entrance, we get a gloriously over-the-top bout of zombie slaughtering! This was really cleverly staged and choreographed, and exciting to watch! I think it's a good example of this series' striking production qualities and cinematic style.


Tags: HotD Scene

July 29 2010

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Really sweet bathing scene from episode 4 of Strike Witches II. Yeah, sweet! There's something really cute going on here, and I love the way Luccini moves around playfully.

Thanks for the shining ray of light! It's a miracle that will sell an extra thousand DVD volumes!

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