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August 05 2010

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I was at my local animu/otaku store the other day and picked up some over-priced puchi nendos for fun! I impressed the store owner with my great fortune in picking the secret Saber from that box! I have to admit, the bear-riding Saber is adorable, but I still want to get my hands on one of her in armour! Anyway, my good luck with her was balanced with bad luck in getting Kyon~

I decided to screw around with them and take a few photos, which I'll upload now :)

July 15 2010

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Look what I got! These things are just adorable. When I saw Kagami + bunny ears I knew these figures were meant for me!

July 08 2010

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These arrived today! Petit Nendoroid Bakemonogatari set 2! Waii!! They're adorable. It's funny that this set happened to contain my 3 favourite characters~
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