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August 07 2010

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New PV for upcoming Yozakura Quartet OVA, and this one is even better than the last! You can really see what famous animator, Ryo-chimo has bought to the table on this project; his animation comes through amazingly in this trailer!  I can't wait!
Tags: Yozakura

July 14 2010

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PV for the upcoming new Yozakura Quartet OAD episode!~ As some might know, Yozakura Quartet is a pretty popular manga series that recieved a short TV-anime adaptation a few years back. That series wasn't very well-recieved (and with good reason). So, with a staff overhaul, this OAD is a new attempt at creating a good adaptation. I have to say, this PV makes it look very promising! I actually really love the changes to the character designs and the animation style. It's directed by famous animator, りょーちも (Ryo-time), and the animation seems really nice! It looks very much like Birdy the Mighty Decode!
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