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July 17 2010


Staff for Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Director: Sayo Aoi (first series directing position)
Series Composition: Nahoko Hasegawa (Hidamari Sketch, Peacemaker)
Character Designer/Chief Animation Director: Seiya Numata (Shion no Oh)
Music: Satoru Kousaki (Bakemonogatari)
Studio: J.C Staff

Upcoming anime adaptation, Milky Holmes gets a staff list! Now I'm quite interested in this series. From what I can see, this is Sayo Aoi's first outing as a series director, having worked extensively as an episode director/animation director. ANN seems to have duplicate entries for Sayo Aoi, one of them incorrectly spelt SayA Aoi. They're the same person.

Seiya Numata is a talented animator, who has done some good stuff, liek the memorable fight scene from Toradora, and great contributions to Kannagi episode 2. Sometimes I don't like his style, but his big presence for this show has got me interested.

And music by Satoru Kousaki!! That's great news. Bakemonogatari has certainly boosted his popularity; he's also doing the music for upcoming series Star Driver.

This isn't from an official source so may not be true.

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