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September 29 2010


September 26 2010


September 04 2010

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Hyakka Ryouran SAMURAI GIRLS #1

This anime has passed the first test! Episode one entertaining enough that I wasn't bored at all while watching, and it wasn't bad enough for me to feel the need to switch it off before it damages my brain.

It's the latest in a long line of fighting-ecchi anime, so you can't really expect anything too sophisticated from Samurai Girls, but I think this series breaks the tradition a little bit by not being terrible (so far)! There's plenty of fanservice, but the series doesn't get completely bogged down in it. And not only is the quantity just right, but it's also quality service! Instead of just a barrange of pointless nudity,  the characters still have a sense of shame that makes the ecchi sense a lot more fun. Feudal Japan was apparently populated by girls in bloomers, school swimsuits, school girl uniforms and maid outfits, and I wouldn't have it any other way! How can you not love a prideful Kugimiya Rie loli-character with a complex about her flat chest (even if we have seen that character type a million times)!?

Actually, the characters seem like they'll be an interesting lively bunch, with the aforemention loli, her fundoshi-wearing partner (also a girl, you'll be happy to know), a perverse and probably masochistic maid, and a male protagonist who doesn't suck. You can see why I didn't get bored. So the entertainment value is covered, but that's not what makes Samurai Girls stand out. It's the art style that gives this show a unique footprint in the anime industry. It's rendered with a gritty aesthetic, and the character cels all have bold outlines (but not the inner lines). It's not often that a TV-anime will come along and pull off something so different. I have to hand it to the director, Kobun! I like the originality, and I think the art works well and the episode had a pretty good storyboard (from Kobun). The animation was at a pretty good quality too.

In other words it finds a nice balance between eroness, fun characterisation and plot. I hope AT-X will air an uncensored version, or it'll be a long wait to see those ink spatters gone!


August 27 2010


August 13 2010



ANN reports,

The six Blu-ray/DVD volumes for the Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls television anime series will ship between November 25, 2010 and April 27, 2011 with a six-part OVA series. Each volume will contain one part of the Hyakka Ryōran ~Otome Ureshi Hazukashi Shōshi no Chigiri~ video series, as well as a soundtrack-enhanced four-panel manga by Churuwo Kazahana, the creator of the online Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Girls manga. The first volume will also include the promotional videos, a collection of commercials, and the credit-less opening and ending animation footage.

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August 10 2010

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New PV for Hyakka Ryouran SAMURAI GIRLS!

Wow, it's really like a fighting game intro, but there's some nice animation in there!

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July 28 2010

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New PV for Hyakka Ryouran SAMURAI GIRLS.

I'm surprised to see it has a pretty unique art style.

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July 22 2010

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Special forward broadcast of Hyakka Ryouran SAMURAI GIRLS on the 3rd of September (before it starts airing October). We'll get episode 1 early!
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