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October 03 2010

Breasts are touching!!!
Just an amazing piece of fanart..
nopan Panty for the win.
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Panty is Mari :o

October 01 2010

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Panty & Stocking #1

  As hard as I tried I couldn't rate this 2.5 stars! Truth be told, Panty & Stocking is somewhere between worthwhile and nothing special. It's a little special because it's such a unique, adventurous anime concieved by some pretty interesting people over at Gainax. But it's hard to rate 'worthwhile' because the thrust of it is innuendo (like that) and weird, sometimes gross humour. The gags aren't really all that funny, unless you're into that style of comedy, and the general tempo of the show feels a little confused and hard to get into. That did improve in the second part of the episode, which featured an occasionally impressive chase scene! 

The storyboard in the second half featured some clever choreography, which did make it pretty entertaining. The animation quality is characterised by a low framerate overall with the odd stand-out scenes. I wonder if they just do their in-betweening in-house, given how simple the character models are. The key animation is handled by some Gainax greats. This episode featured contributions from Yoh Yoshinari (I'll have a look for what scene was his later), and next episode will be graced by Sushio! The production wasn't bad, assuming you're able to look past the determinedly cartoon style, and the spirit of director, Imaishi definitely came through by the end of the episode!

The characters..well, they weren't kidding when they said Panty was a sex maniac, because it's practically all she ever does. I don't have a problem with that (unlike some moe fans, I don't need all girls to be pure and cute!), but it's a little overplayed at times. And then Stocking, who's like the moe foil to a little boring. I'm still not sold on the seiyuu either. In conclusion, Panty & Stocking is a little hard to enjoy at the moment, but I'll keep trying for now.

September 09 2010

Play fullscreen

wow this shit is insane! But that's basically what I expected from Imaishi's latest project, Panty & Stocking. This is an original anime by GAINAX airing next season, with a Western cartoon art-style and a determinedly crazy approach to storytelling.

This promo looks like it'll be a fairly cheap show to make from an animation perspective (which is what I'd guessed, considering the budget for this show should reflect its limited domestic audience). The designs are obviously simply, but the animation looks quite rapid and sharp so that few drawings are required. The content is about as raunchy and absurd as I'd hoped, but the PV was actually surprisingly awesome. I think it's the erotic music!

I think I MIGHT enjoy this show. I'll be giving it a try at least. Usually avoid things that stray too much toward Western styles or stories, but this could be an exception.

September 07 2010

more Panty & Stocking scans~

August 06 2010

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt! Panty looks nice and devious, but the designs look too much like something you'd find in cartoon network :\

July 31 2010


Panty & Stocking Official Site

This brand new homepage reveals the full main staff!

Masanobu Nomura as art director! Well-versed GAINAX staffer, Masahiko Otsuka is the vice-director alongside Hiroyuki Imaishi. These two should be able to pull of some good stuff. My worries lie with the whole concept of it, and the designs. But we'll see..

July 01 2010

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Panty & Stocking TV-anime will start in October! And a manga also announced :) Still curious about how this will turn out.
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