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July 21 2010



⚫ Occult Academy DVD/Blu-ray releases are going to include extra 'spinoff' episodes. This is basically industry practice to do now, but what's impressive is that there are going to be 4 episodes in total!

⚫ Seven Seas has now officially licensed the Railgun manga (yay!!), and also picked up Amnesia Labyrinth, which is a new work by the author of Haruhi.

⚫ The new single from Ryo/kz, 'Kocchi Muiteyo Baby/Yellow' hit number 9 on the oricon singles charts, selling 18,000 copies to be the first single to hit the oricon charts.

⚫ Moonphase posted an unconfirmed runour that Sunrise will produce an anime adaptation of Owari no Chronicle. As far as rumours go, this seems like a reasonably plausible one.

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