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August 28 2010

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #9

The uproarious fun of the previous episode was bound to cast a shadow 0ver this week's Ookami-san instalment. It kind of did, but this episode carved out a good place for itself in the overall series for  a couple of reasons. Firstly, it did for Ringo what episode 6 did for Ryouko, really gave her an emotional backstory and an insecurity that makes her much easier to sympathise with. Once again, I almost teared up when Ringo cried after being consoled by her older sister. Ookami-san can be crazy and hilarious one week, then touching the next! The other quality of the episode came from the technical side of things.

The episode featured some wonderful moments of animation, certainly the best since Hiroki Tanaka's key animation in the third episode (Ringo's fight scenes). Like that episode and the fourth one, this episode showcased a particular animator. And this time it was Sayo Aoi, whose career is still only just getting started. Sayo storyboarded, directed, supervised the animation and contributed several cuts of key animation (in other words, completely responsible for it). As a sakuga fan, I was excited for the episode since I read that on the Japanese wiki. The first episode didn't deliver much in the way of the animation, but when Sayo's cuts started coming into play in the B-side, it turned out to be a really well-executed episode with a good storyboard.

It's nice that JC Staff give animators the opportunity to truly get behind the wheel like this, and it produces some really great results. Sayo Aoi is an animator to keep an eye on~

Oh yeah, and SWIMSUITS! Or at least that's what I would be saying if it hadn't been trumped by waifu-Ookami in the epilogue. Moeee~ Ryouko-chan would make an interesting bride!


  Ryouko-chan キタぁああああああああああああああああああ!!


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August 16 2010

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #7

Despite having almost no plot to speak of, Ookami-san is one of those episodes I really look forward to each week, especially after last episode such depth to the characters, particularly Ryouko. The vulnerable side from that comes from her backstory, intensifies the moe feelings her character inspires! Not only is she really cute for her Misaka-esque inability to be honest with herself, it's also so easy to feel sympathy for her. She's certainly one of the best characters of the year! That's what really makes this show, and that's what made this a really fun episode!

I love the fact that we get to see Ryouko in so many different lights - we've already seen her as a maid, a boxer, a neko warrior, and now a charming young girl. That's right, thanks to amnesia, she temporarily regresses to her 13-year old self, and what a different Ryouko she is! I think Ringo's reaction to seeing her and Ryoushi in happy date mode sums it up quite well. But, the shock aside, seeing Ryouko in such an honest and sweet manner pushed my moe meter to near breaking point!

Not poignant like last week, and not very exciting either, but worthwhile for the cute moments and general Ookami-san fanboying opportunities!
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August 15 2010


August 12 2010

HNNNNNNNNGGGGG .. Ookami-san ♥♥
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August 08 2010

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #6

This episode totally overturned my appreciation of this anime, and in this most unlikelyof ways. Where previous episodes were happily skipping between action, fanservice, comedy and romance, this episode takes a plunge into new and far more rousing territory - drama. We get a good look into the history of Ringo and Ookami, how they met and became such close friends, and also explored what makes Ookami-tick in that agressive and self-reliant way of hers. From a glimpse of an innocent, typical schoolgirl to the wolf-like fighter she is today, this episode explores the tragedy that made Ookami-san as we kow her. It's pretty sad at times, but it's throbbing with emotion and sympathy that makes it a great story. We were all wrong in just calling Ookami a Biribiri/Taiga clone - she's a far deeper and more fascinating character. But the best thing about the episode was the beauty and poignancy of the friendship between Ringo and Ookami. This episode puts the character development of most anime to shame.

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August 07 2010


August 06 2010


Wolf & Tiger!!!

Sounds badass but it's actually incredibly MOEEE!!! ( ´・‿-) ~ ♥

August 03 2010

Cover of the OP single! Nice detail on the souls of Ookami's boots!
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Superb! Even the supporting characters in this anime have fantastic designs!
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July 29 2010

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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #5

A refreshingly fun romp after the rather flat showing last week. If Ookami-san keeps the pace with silly but enjoyable episodes like this one, I think I'll be able to say it was a worthwhile series. Even if it seems really cliche on setup (and it does use a lot of cliches, I won't deny it), I think Ookami-san does a couple of things its own way. The obvious thing to point out is Satomi Arai's narration, but I'm also finding the brisk development of the romantic connection between Ookami and Ryoushi to be pretty unusual to anime. In a number of ways, this series feels a little less flirtatious and a little more direct in its characterisation. Then there's also the glimpse into an unknown sector of Ookami-san's past, some harrowing experience involving the villain of the series. I'm really intruiged to learn more!

This episode had a bit of action and a lot of good gags! I actually laughed a bunch throughout the episode, and I never expected Ookami-san to succeed as a comedy! Ringo's looking more and more like a covert Kuroko-type character, and Urashima's allegiance to oppai is amusing. I also can't help but laugh whenever Satomi Arai gets a reaction out of the "zannen mune" duo! Another great aspect of the episode was the great costumes! Especially Ookami's cute armour! There's nothing better than a moefied piece of battle gear. And now we know once and for all - nekomimi suit her incredibly well! I hope we got more scenes of Ookami-san dressed up...

Well-directed episode, even if it lacked the charismatic animation of episodes 2 and 3.

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wwwwwwwwwww Urashima is a dangerous gentleman! I'd hate to see him in BERSERK mode!
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On the other hand, Ookami-san just doesn't get it.
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ナカ━━(´・ω・`) 人(´・ω・`)━━マ!!

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July 28 2010

The best poster I've seen yet from the new volume of Nyantype. Ookami-san in sexy wolf mode! Just makes me want to dive in and do bad things to her~

  Nice Ookami-san scan!♥

Ringo perverse side is showing! It looks like she's just been to wonder fest and brought back a loot of sexy Ookami-san figures! Will she share them with Ryoushi, I wonder?

More importantly, I want those exact figures to be released ASAP! Naked nekomimi, naked apron, bikini failure .... mind=blown.

Tags: Ookami7
Scan of that desk mat that came with the latest Dengeki Daiou! Ringo's loli-loli swimsuit is nice!
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Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakamatachi

This was another anime episode that I ended up falling behind on. But, for that Ookami-san tsundere appeal I'll always try and catch up with this anime! This episode didn't end up doing much for me though. In the absence of a talented key-animator taking charge (which the last two episodes were gifted with), the animation production dipped well into mediocre territory, probably below J.C Staff standard. There weren't any major off-model screwups or anything, but just a general cheap feel and lack of animation. So this didn't help remedy the thin and pretty uninteresting story. Last episode was entertaining with a tinge of emotionality, this episode was niether. The good points of this episode can basically be summed up as its moe charms. For me that was:

Ookami-san's self-conscious interest in girls' novels! It's cute that she tries to hide it (and it's a very Biri-biri esque trait, don't you think?)

MAIDS MAIDS MAIDS. Yeah, I like them, so it was fun to see the girls (and guys actually, haha) dress up in cute maid costumes! Ryouko and Ringo looked lovely indeed. (゚▽゚*)萌え♥

It's a pity Hiroki Tanaka can't do the main key animation for all eps :(

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July 25 2010

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