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October 19 2010

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Kuragehime #1

● I've been pretty pumped for this show ever since the staff were announced, and yet it still topped my expectations! You've basically got great pedigree here: Takahiro Omori heading a Brains Base series (i.e Baccano and Durarara), and for the coveted timeslot, noitaminA!

● Takahiro Omori is an impressive director, especially in terms of his storyboarding. I was a little let down by the production standards of Durarara, but he seems to have raised the bar for his noitaminA premier! He directed and storyboarded the first episode, and it was a polished and striking piece of work, layered with oddities and clever humour. And it was bought to life well with good animation. It seems Brains Base pulled their A-team for this one! I just hope Takahiro Omori directs more than one episode. He only directed one Durarara episode, and several for Baccano.

● The various obsessions of the girls are so strange! Especially the jellyfish thing. But after a while they began to feel believable despite their strangeness.

● Kana Hanazawa is perfect in this lead role, and it's the kind of demanding role I've been wanting to see her in. She doesn't just have to sound cute, but she has to swing between series-business Jellyfish exposition and high-strung nervousness.

● The OP is based around movie references for .. no reason? I don't get it. But it's a fun OP nonetheless.

September 02 2010

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Kuragehime CM3
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  Kuragehime CM  2

Rather than normal CMs, these are now being released weekly leading up to the start of the anime. They are unrelated gags, but they're still good to see the art-style and animation. I like!

Tags: Kuragehime

July 06 2010


Cast announced for upcoming fujoshi-themed anime Kuragehime,


Kurashita Gekkai: Kana Hanazawa  ♥
Chieko: Kimiko Saito
Mayaya: Akemi Okamura
Banba: Kumai Motoko
Jiji: Mamiko Noto

Victory for Kana Hanazawa!! One of my favourite seiyuus at the moment lands another lead role.. the more we get of her charming voice the better.

Tags: Kuragehime
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