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July 09 2010

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July 08 2010

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Meanwhile, on a less awesome TV-station than AT-X, Highschool of the Dead recieved 5-star censor treatment! I like my anime dark, but not like this!
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Highschool of the Dead volume 6 is released!! The manga that was brought back from the dead! The author had left it on haitus for some time before the anime was announced.
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July 06 2010

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Hahaha oh god, I didn't notice this but when it's pointed out this looks so screwed up! www
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July 05 2010

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Episode Staff

Screenplay/Scenario: Yousuke Kuroda (黒田洋介)
Storyboard: Tetsuro Araki (荒木哲郎)
Director: Tetsuro Araki (荒木哲郎)
Animation Director: Masayoshi Tanaka / Shinichi Miyamae (田中将賀 / 宮前真一)

This premier of Highschool of the Dead is undeniably astounding. The story turns out as expected, a rather straight-forward zombie-apocalypse survival affair, populated with a cast of surprisingly badass high school students. I’m a big fan of zombie movies (or at least I was before they became a lame fad), so this is right up my alley, even if it is fairly simple. But the thing that got me so far was the the stellar production! 

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Tags: HotD review
Highschool of the Dead #1 just aired on AT-X. Reaction from the Japanese crowd has generally been positive, with a lot of attention payed to the abundance of panty-shots and shaking boobs. i guess it's gotta compete with Strike Witches this season! The pantsu apocalypse can be seen above! I'm looking forward to seeing the episode, and to some more serious comments!!
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July 03 2010


Highschool of the Dead Licensed

Sentai Filmworks announced they're distributing HotD in the US dubbed and subbed. Not only is it licensed for DVD release, but it's also being streamed on Anime Network. But this doesn't help anyone living outside of the US. 
Tags: HotD
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