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August 27 2010

This is an uncharacterisitically cute picture of Haruhi!
Tags: Haruhi

August 15 2010

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This Haruhi movie-version figma looks stunning..
Tags: Haruhi Figure

July 29 2010

New Haruhi artbook released! Seems to be just a collection of the best official Haruhi art over the last few years! So there's heaps I've seen before. Still, it would be nice to have them all gathered and presented in a nice book!
Tags: Haruhi Artbook

July 13 2010

An oldie but a goodie! This is still one of my favourite Yuki pics! The costume and cat-ears (and Nyaa~ post) are mind-blowingly moe. This almost kills me with cuteness.
Tags: Haruhi

July 08 2010

The Haruhi Middle School figma is available for preorder (September Release). As usual, the price is very reasonable, ~2000yen, and this figma is quite cute! But somehow one of the biggest attractions is the park bench it comes with .. that'd be a cool prop to help pose figmas~
Tags: Figure Haruhi

July 06 2010

The new issue of Newtype contains some cool stuff~ including another short Panty & Stocking comic (bottom right) and an announcement that a complete Haruhi BD boxset is being released!
Tags: Haruhi

July 04 2010

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Good look at the upcoming younger-Haruhi figma in some cool poses!
Tags: figure Haruhi
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