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September 09 2010


Via ANN,

The anime studio Gonzo sent a book cover illustrated by Range Murata as a complimentary gift to stockholders this month, and the included letter explained that the cover's illustration is the original character design for a new anime planned for broadcast next year.

Gonzo began hiring new anime production staff members such as animation runners (the production coordinator job seen in Animation Runner Kuromi), one "international production operations assistant" ("fluency in English required, Chinese is a plus"), in-between animators ("must have enthusiasm"), production desk managers, and designers, late last month.

Gonzo told ANN during March's Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF) that it was developing a potential Spring 2011 project that would take advantage of the new stereoscopic 3D televisions now entering the marketplace. The studio also showcased four character design sheets for a new project in the works at the fair, although it did not specify at the time whether these designs were from the same Spring 2011 project.

Interesting... also surprisingly well-reported by ANN! I guess Range Murata still has a fondness for Gonzo despite how Shangri-La turned out (like shit, if you didn't know!). Well, his involvement and the fact that someone's been passionate enough to resurrect the studio has actually got me kind of excited to see what their first anime as the new era of Gonzo will be. Although, 3D TV? What? This is the 2D dimension!!

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