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October 21 2010

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Tags: Genshiken

September 22 2010



Genshiken is getting a new sequel manga!   This announcement, in Newtype magazine, has just made my day! In all seriousness, Genshiken is one of my favourite manga, and Ogiue is one of my favourite characters around (great fujoshi waifu material). So my eyes lit up when I read there would be another manga, this time with Ogiue (now the president of the Genshiken society) as the lead character! After reading that bonus chapter that came out a while back, it did spark the thought that maybe, just maybe, the artist would return to the series. After all, it's something that can easily be continued, even with a change of cast (because it's about a club, rather than a particular protagonist).

Can't wait! Oh, and if you haven't read the Genshiken manga, do so NOW, WHILE THERE'S STILL TIME! It's far better than the anime. 

Tags: Genshiken
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