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September 30 2010

Not too keen on the show, but this is rather hawt.
Tags: EmuEmu

August 13 2010

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Are you prepared for the beatings that proudly masochistic anime, MM! will bring? I'm not sure I am. Seeing guys portrayed as masochists isn't really my thing. But I don't blame male anime characters for adopting masochism - they're inevitably going to get smashed around by anime girls anyway, so they may as well enjoy it.

On the upside, the character designs look lovely, and the main girl is really cute, especially in form of maid!

Tags: EmuEmu

August 11 2010

OP and ED have been named and artist'd. (For MM!)

OP is "Help!" by Ayana Taketatsu
ED is "More-more LOVERS!!" by Natsuko Aso


Tags: EmuEmu

July 29 2010

~oho a naught Emu Emu scan now? It seems this upcoming anime will get a large amount of promotion. If the anime is anything like this poster... I'll be watching for sure!
Tags: EmuEmu Megami

July 18 2010

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A character appeared in the latest release of light novel Emu Emu! (soon to be a TV-anime) who looks just like Azunyan!! I always enjoy a good unsubtle reference
Tags: EmuEmu Keion
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