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September 17 2010

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BRS figma. It's pretty badass and more detailed than most figmas!

August 15 2010


Black Rock Shooter RPG

This webpage went up today and announced an RPG based on Black Rock Shooter! Now that, I did not expect. I've heard some pessimistic comments about this, but I think it could turn out really well. For now, it's piqued my curiosity.
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July 29 2010


  New issue of Megami is out!! As promised, it comes with the Black Rock Shooter DVD!! And with some nice packaging to :). I guess that makes this issue a must-buy! Hopefully it won;t be sold out already..

I also have to say, megane Tenshi is moeeee!

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July 28 2010

Drawn by nauribon. Nice!
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July 27 2010

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Black Rock Shooter

Unless you’ve been living under a particularly enveloping rock for the past few months, you’ll probably have heard a fair bit about Black Rock Shooter already. The hype machine has been pushed to almost breaking point for this particular anime project, but not without good reason. Black Rock Shooter is a really interesting anime production in a number of ways: it’s an anime that started with a small collection of artwork by then little-known artist, Huke, whose Black Rock Shooter character design planted the creative seed that rapidly grew into this 50-minute OVA. This process was given a massive boost by Ryo, a now-famous music producer (who recently composed the ED for Bakemonogatari) and member of band, Supercell. The design’s likeness to Hatsune Miku, and his fondness for the it led to a collaboration – a music video combining Huke’s visceral artwork and the musical talent of Ryo in the form of a Hatsune Miku song. The video made Black Rock Shooter a sensation, latching on to the popularity of Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid in general.

Then came the anime! Ryo and Huke collaborated with Yutaka Yamamoto and his new studio, Ordet to conceive an anime series, and the anticipation has only grown from there. Ordet is an interesting studio because its core members are ex-Kyoto Animation staff, including the director, Shinobu Yoshioka. As its first solo animation production, Hatsune Miku was a big chance for Ordet to make a triumphant entrance into the anime industry. This is an anime with a great backstory, and strong new talent fuelling it! Now that it has finally been released in full, the only question remains is: does it deliver on the prodigious promise it exudes? ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

July 25 2010

The BRS figmas look incredibly badass..
Because every villain deserves a cute chibi version!
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July 22 2010

Dead Master figma is now up for preorder! That scythe is 120% badass.
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July 17 2010


July 14 2010

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キタぁああああああああああああああああああ!! New Black Rock Shooter PV has been released! It seems they are still planning on releasing it hehe. The music is really cool in this trailer, and I still really love the visuals behind those action sequences. Should be a very interesting anime!
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July 12 2010


Danny Choo posted the best quality pictorial coverage of upcoming anime Black Rock Shooter. High-res screencaps and character designs. Again I have to say I'm blown away by how unique and polished this looks. Viva BRS!!

Follow the link for more!

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July 07 2010

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There was a private screening of the complete Black Rock Shooter today, which recieved plenty of praise from particpants. Yamakan attended in pre-recorded form (lol above)!

One person said it exceeded expectations greatly, especially with the battle sequences. Another said the story was kind of weak (but, as another commentor pointed out, is it really the story we're interested in here?). The animation production sounds great. I'm certainly looking  forward to this!!

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