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November 10 2010

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Really amusing and offbeat AMV which parodies the typical dance/upbeat AMVs. It's very CATCHY!
Tags: AMV

September 26 2010

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AMV: Kinopop by creed_fr to Arakawa Under the Bridge

Yeah this shit was cool!  A damn fine combo of song and anime. Please, enjoy!
Tags: AMV Arakawa
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  AMV!  "Confession To The Dancefloor"

Creator: Jadecharm

Music: Little Boots - Remedy

Anime: Kannagi, K-ON!, Kaleido Star, Kanon, Clannad, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Macross Frontier, Kobato, Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu, Birdy, REC, Shugo Chara, Tales Of Vesperia, Mouryou No Hako, Princess Lover


Wow I was surprised by how smooth and catchy this AMV was! It has a great tempo, some unique ideas and a great choice of anime series! Thuroughly captivating!

Tags: AMV

July 19 2010

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A sakuga AMV for May 2010! Sakuga refers to the drawings of an anime, and is generally used to describe animation. Sakuga MADs/AMVs compile stand-out pieces of animation either belonging to a particular animator or some other topic. Somone's doing these for each month of this year!

It's nice to see the Durarara episode 17 moment in there, which was one of the few moments of genuine animation in the series, and of course some Tatami Galaxy. June's edition should include some great animation (including some of Yoshimichi Kameda's stuff for FMA).
Tags: Sakuga AMV

July 10 2010

This is really awesome. A good, dramatic AMV with fitting music and good use of effects.
Tags: AMV

July 06 2010

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AMV: [Crossfade]Pacific Coast Party

Waaaiii!! BEACH PARTY! This video is a lot of fun - it combines beach episodes from a whole pile of anime into a single massive beach outing. It's cleverly done at times and, of course, it's packed with lovely swimsuit service! Cross/fade is a good editor.

Tags: AMV
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AMV: Children of Daicon

A pretty epic tribute to the works of charismatic and trend-setting studio, Gainax! Featuring 'almost everything Gainax has done', this is a cleverly edited video that should tingle the sense of Gainax fans, new or old-school alike! For those who don't know the meaning behind the title, I suggest looking into the history of Gainax and learning just how important and influential they've been!

For most of the video I was thinking 'where's the Otaku no Video!?', but then the glorious reference came at the end of the AMV, and I was satisfied!

Tags: Gainax AMV
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