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October 20 2010

That'd be quite some picnic!!
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New anime announced from Shounen Jump manga: SKET DANCE

“SKET DANCE” is a school (love) comedy. The leading character Bossun, Himeko, Switch belong to Sket club that helps to settle students’ various problems. But they have usually almost nothing to do. Besides, their club is treated as a jack of all trades by other students. However, they don’t lose heart. And they answer any requests.

Sounds a bit like the premise of Ookami-san, doesn't it? Well, I can't say I've actually heard of this manga, but there's a lot of buzz surrounding this announcement, so I guess it must be pretty good. But being a shounen series, it's not likely to capture my attention.

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haha nice!

October 19 2010

Someone needs to replace ANN already!!
But more importantly, check out the uncensored fanservice! Great DFC and oppai service here now that the solar glare has mysteriously vanished.
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  So BD volume 2 of Asobi ni Ikuyo was released and it comes with this super-erotic plastic sheet. This has gotta be one of the hottest physical features to come with an anime DVD ever.

But what are you supposed to do with it? .. oh wait..

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Kuragehime #1

● I've been pretty pumped for this show ever since the staff were announced, and yet it still topped my expectations! You've basically got great pedigree here: Takahiro Omori heading a Brains Base series (i.e Baccano and Durarara), and for the coveted timeslot, noitaminA!

● Takahiro Omori is an impressive director, especially in terms of his storyboarding. I was a little let down by the production standards of Durarara, but he seems to have raised the bar for his noitaminA premier! He directed and storyboarded the first episode, and it was a polished and striking piece of work, layered with oddities and clever humour. And it was bought to life well with good animation. It seems Brains Base pulled their A-team for this one! I just hope Takahiro Omori directs more than one episode. He only directed one Durarara episode, and several for Baccano.

● The various obsessions of the girls are so strange! Especially the jellyfish thing. But after a while they began to feel believable despite their strangeness.

● Kana Hanazawa is perfect in this lead role, and it's the kind of demanding role I've been wanting to see her in. She doesn't just have to sound cute, but she has to swing between series-business Jellyfish exposition and high-strung nervousness.

● The OP is based around movie references for .. no reason? I don't get it. But it's a fun OP nonetheless.

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To Aru Majutsu no Index #2

● I just gotta say, I'm loving this new season of Index so far. J.C Staff was at their higher-tier standard for the first episode, with some great animation, art and BGM.

● Well the great BGM is sill there, but the storyboard from Michio Fukuda , who did a lot of Working!! and whose directing abilities are on full display in Mayoi Neko Overrun episode 5 (one of the weaker episodes), wasn't as inspired.

● There wasn't much action this episode, but I loved all the really awesome fanservice thrown in to make up for it!! I have to say, I respect J.C Staff and the director for preserving these fanservice moments from the novels (and for making them almost as sexy!). Of course, if it wasn't for the station Tokyo MX, we might not get to see it all. I have concluded that Touma's ability magnetises him to lolis. Either that or Kugumiya Rie's voice just caused ecchi things to happen~

● I love the new nun! She's daaamn fine, and it's nice to see Kugumiya Rie still getting roles XD

● Maika spins me right round! When is she going to get a spin-off? GET IT!? 

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Star Driver #3

  ● I can't say I'm enjoying this show more and more, but it's holding my interest amid the general confusion of the plot, somehow. The vibrant visuals probably have a lot to do with that.

● I don't think the Utena writer's approach to storytelling agree with mine, because his scripts so far have been heavy on the weird and light on the compelling. Yoji Enokido has done some good stuff before, but I dunno.

● Once again BONES proved themselves still able to pull off a good unusual mecha battle. In Eureka 7 it was surfin mechs, this time it's fencing, flambouyant mechs. but the important thing is that they showcase some really good 2D animation. Star Driver has some good talent involved, and the mech battle this week was pulled off well by several animators.

Jun Arai's cuts during the mecha battle stood out glaringly, with his dense and crazy shading and sharp angular movements. He did lots of similar stuff for NEEDLESS. I really don't like that style of "animation", but in short doses it adds a little variety~ (check his segment out here:

● Alligator in the pool .. that's classic super-rich, married Japanese high school girl!

● That little Pokemon thing is even more annoying than it is pointless. 

● Thank God we didn't hear any "It's a PINCH!" this time. 

● Why the hell didn't he dual-wield from the start? 


Ann Watches Fansubs

ANN hypocritical nature is obvious, but this is still an amusing read.
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And here's a new Hironori Tanaka MAD! As someone who's increasingly being pulled into the final frontier of sakuga fandom, this guy is like my idol. Why? Because he is undoubtedly one of the most talented animators who is actually prolific in TV-anime today. His resume is vast and includes many of the more memorable pieces of animation from the last few years. He's proven himself to be very versatile in both character and effect animation.

I knew about many of the cuts in this MAD. I talked about his cut in BRS, and his near-solo Key Animation episode of Ookami-san. But I was surprised to see he actually was involved in Strike Witches 2, but not until the final episode! And it's mainly effect animation? Unlike what GONZO had him do in Strike Witches season 1, this seemed a bit of a waste. If this MAD is indeed cortrect, I'm also glad to finally find out who did that amazing FMA cut at ~40seconds. That is just a stellar piece of animation. I knew Hironori Tanaka was involved in that episode, but it's only when I see that cut in context of his other animation that it really stands out as his. I think that and his "transformation" sequence for Star Driver are the highlights of this reel.

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Died? With MY power level!? Impossible.
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This is strangely appropriate

October 18 2010



This is the best wedding cake I have ever seen..  

Tags: Macross
Some nice swimsuits in display in episode 3 of Yosuga no Sora. Sora's swimsuit looks just like her underwear haha. Guess she has a theme going (which I love).
Tags: YosugaSora

  From episode 3 .. so we finally get to see what that glimpse in the trailer was about.

All I can say is .... wao/

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This is my kind of galactic express.
Tags: MacrossF
This is my kind of galactic express.
Tags: MacrossF
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