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To Aru majutsu no Index II - 04

● For what I assume was the action climax of the first arc, this episode was pretty disappointing. This new season has already fallen prey to the first season’s biggest flaw: extreme amounts of exposition dialogue! I’m sure it reads find in novel format, but the appeal of lengthy discussions between characters during a big action setup is lost in an anime adaptation. The result was a fairly dull episode.

● Compared with the usual Index standard, the animation was also a let down this week. The action scenes should have been exhilarating but they weren’t, due partly to poor pacing and partly due to a lack of captivating animation.

● Kugimiya Rie’s sexy loli-nun character is one of the finest points of this arc! I didn’t think nuns could ever be this sexy. It’s those legs! Plus, this episode reveals she has a masochistic streak. I thought I was watching MM! for a minute there.

● The scene in which the nuns destroy their own ears was totally unexpected and pretty damn disturbing! It was a good, unsettling note to end the episode on.

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