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Star Driver #3

  ● I can't say I'm enjoying this show more and more, but it's holding my interest amid the general confusion of the plot, somehow. The vibrant visuals probably have a lot to do with that.

● I don't think the Utena writer's approach to storytelling agree with mine, because his scripts so far have been heavy on the weird and light on the compelling. Yoji Enokido has done some good stuff before, but I dunno.

● Once again BONES proved themselves still able to pull off a good unusual mecha battle. In Eureka 7 it was surfin mechs, this time it's fencing, flambouyant mechs. but the important thing is that they showcase some really good 2D animation. Star Driver has some good talent involved, and the mech battle this week was pulled off well by several animators.

Jun Arai's cuts during the mecha battle stood out glaringly, with his dense and crazy shading and sharp angular movements. He did lots of similar stuff for NEEDLESS. I really don't like that style of "animation", but in short doses it adds a little variety~ (check his segment out here:

● Alligator in the pool .. that's classic super-rich, married Japanese high school girl!

● That little Pokemon thing is even more annoying than it is pointless. 

● Thank God we didn't hear any "It's a PINCH!" this time. 

● Why the hell didn't he dual-wield from the start? 

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