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And here's a new Hironori Tanaka MAD! As someone who's increasingly being pulled into the final frontier of sakuga fandom, this guy is like my idol. Why? Because he is undoubtedly one of the most talented animators who is actually prolific in TV-anime today. His resume is vast and includes many of the more memorable pieces of animation from the last few years. He's proven himself to be very versatile in both character and effect animation.

I knew about many of the cuts in this MAD. I talked about his cut in BRS, and his near-solo Key Animation episode of Ookami-san. But I was surprised to see he actually was involved in Strike Witches 2, but not until the final episode! And it's mainly effect animation? Unlike what GONZO had him do in Strike Witches season 1, this seemed a bit of a waste. If this MAD is indeed cortrect, I'm also glad to finally find out who did that amazing FMA cut at ~40seconds. That is just a stellar piece of animation. I knew Hironori Tanaka was involved in that episode, but it's only when I see that cut in context of his other animation that it really stands out as his. I think that and his "transformation" sequence for Star Driver are the highlights of this reel.

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