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Strike Witches 12

Stupid, cliche fun is a pretty good phrase to describe Strike Witches, and it's never been more appropriate than in this final episode of the second season, when the forced tension and farfetched action finish are dished out. It was pretty much the same in the first season, but that climax had more oomph to it, and featured some genuinely impressive animation. I'll give this one credit for a pretty good storyboard, and 3D visuals, but the lack of captivating 2D animation was as much of a weakness here as it has been in AIC's whole season of Strike Witches. GONZO did a better job.

Production aside, the ending didn't really do much for me. There weren't any shocks, twists or moments of tension, it was just a predictable by-the-book dues ex machina wrap-up ("we can't defeat it, we have on magic!" "oh wait, yes we can, hooray!"). But I guess it was kind of sad to think that this could be the last Strike Witches season following the 501st (if there is more, I don't think even these writers would want to have them regroup yet again). I feel little more than ambivelance toward this episode, and it's much the same for this season. I appreciated the fun, fanservice moments, and LOVED the intensified yuri themes (Sanya X Eila ~kyaa), but otherwise it was pretty average. I guess that's kind of what I expected, but I still think GONZO's efforts imbued Strike Witches with more charisma.

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