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Ookami-san 12

A lot of people would say this episode was a bit of an odd way to finish of the Ookami-san series, and I'd have to agree with them! After a more climactic and dramatic finale last week, what's the point of regressing back to the episodic format for the final episode? I do see the point, the idea was to finish off on a poignant, romantic tone by giving one final test of Ryouko's love in the form of a new rival. And this would almost justify the time spent introducing a new character for the final episode, if it had actually progressed their relationship. If I'd heard Ookami-san come out with "I love him" instead of the "I don't dislike him" cop-out, I would have been more satisfied. Sure, it's in character for the wolf-tsundere, but something's gotta change - she can't stay dishonest with herself forever!

I did like the scene with the "fireworks", which had a nice romantic aura to it, but the rest of the episode just felt too out of place to be in the final. I didn't mind the new girl's character design, but her character was .. very odd! At least she gave us the second panty-shot of the anime so far! But why'd she have to ruin it by writing her name on her panties like that!? More importantly, this episode really wasn't executed very well from an animation production stand-point. Animation direction was poor, with many off-model drawings, and the key animation in the fight sequences was ugly. According to the japanese wiki, this episode had a whopping 6 animation directors, which, given the lack of demanding cuts, leads me to believe they were behind schedule for this episode.

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