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Shiki #11

Even though it feels like we've now left behind some of the best, most suspenseful parts of the show, and even though this isn't quite the episode I'd hoped for to see me through the 3-week break before episode 12, my love for Shiki is still just as strong! This was a good episode, but not stellar. It definitely didn't have the same production issues as last week, but, at least until the last few minutes, it definitely lacked the kick that the earlier arc of both Natsuno and Ozaki finding out about the vampires had. It was a fascinating episode, full of ambiguous and confusing morality.

Good stories are challenging and can deliver a powerful sense of irony. This week, we follow the old superstitious woman who's known around town for being a superstitious nut. She's deeply unlikeable, and her attempts to whip the town people up into a frenzy of fear over the town's newest family are selfishly motivated, but the cruel twist is that this time she's actually right! Even though she's someone you'd never listen to in real life, knowing what we know as the audience forces us to uncomfortably support her. It's just one example of Shiki's layered and devious storytelling. A second example is the dynamic between Muroi and Sunako. This episode Sunako came about 3 centimetres away from sticking her fangs into the sullen priest, but she hesitated as he wooed with with words. Sunako strikes me as someone whose philosophical mind leads her to question her purpose, and where she can fit in the muddled world of good and evil. 

Yeah, this was an interesting episode, but my one complaint would probably be the fact that it delivered a lot of really big moments and plot progressions within the ending credits! Why save up all the stuff we really wanted to see just for the credits? Like what happened to Natsuno, or Ozaki experimenting on one of them. It seemed like those important scenes should have been included in full..

So I'm left a bit frustrated as we begin the three week wait for more Shiki, but I'm pretty sure the show has lots more awesome in store for us!

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