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  Been meaning to share this for a while, but haven't had the chance. So here's my last 2 weeks of loot just grouped together! It's been a pretty fun couple of weeks, as my purchsing attention turns to the addictive anime TCG, Weiss Schwarz! After discovering it at manifest, I've been really enjoying playing it with a growing group of friends, and my passion for both collecting and strategising is being awakened! Over the last 2 weeks I nabbed a box of boosters for the Index/Railgun set. That contains 20 booster packs (160 cards). I also got a hold of the Mai HiME/Otome/SoraKake extra set (a limited set)!

But of course, I have to keep up with nendo petits and figmas!! Got the long-awaited BRS figma, and the lovely, colourful third Bakemonogatari set! Of course, both were high quality (although I had an incident with my BRS figma I'd rather keep supressed).

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