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Strike Witches #10

This wasn’t a bad episode of Strike Witches. Not bat at all. It lacked the emotional punch of some of the best episodes, but the excitement surrounding the exotic new character, and the competitive streak she bought along with her, made for an interesting episode. I’ve always felt that Erica was probably the most unexplored character in this series. Other than seeing how lazy and unmotivated her attitude toward life is, we haven’t really got much of a feel for her. This episode helped because she had to stand up for something. The childish rivalry that the new witch was seemingly obsessed with actually made Erica look surprisingly mature! Things culminated with a full-on duel between the two, which featured some impressive aerial manoeuvres but again lacked the great animation that could have made their showdown truly memorable. The action was complimented with some fanservice, with Luccini once again revelling in her comrades’ generous bust sizes (ahh, her fondness for puni-puni oppai knows no bounds!). I still feel that AIC have either spent too little money on this anime, or spent it poorly, because it looks fairly cheap a lot of the time. Still, it’s hard to complain when we’re constantly exposed to cute young girls and panty shots.

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