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Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #11

Wow, this weeks' outing really felt like the final episode of the series, which kind of caught me off guard. I actually hadn't stopped to think about how long Ookami-san was going to be, I simply took each episode as it came with a growing fondness for the series. And now that I really love the show, I suddenly have to face up to the fact that it's a 1-cour, 12-episode series!! It's a real tragedy, especially because JC Staff are known for doing 2-cour anime, why the exception for Ookami? At least I'll still have Shiki, and the prospect of more Ookami-san to come. While this episode was a sudden rush towards a climax that did a pretty good job and wrapping up most of the emotional stories of the last 10 episodes, it was still open ended. The villains are still at large, and the core romantic story of Ryouko and Ryoushi is yet to be finalised (it's like another Spice & Wolf!).

But Ryoushi did get to prove his worth by taking on the arch-villain and Ookami-molester, Shirou, in an epic hand-to-hand showdown. That was the action climax of the series (as well as the brawl between the Otogi Bank alliance and the deliquents), and featured some good animation. I'd like to find out who animated that scene. Without reading into it too much, it looks like it could've been the person who animated that famous Toradora fight sequence, the rough lines during fast movements seem similar. Anyway, it was a nice touch, and one of many well-animated moments of Ookami-san. 

I was surprised at how quickly the Otogi members were able to unwravel the predicament they were pulled into at the end of last episode. In some ways it felt a bit quick and easy (and hard to believe). But it was all in good fun, so you have to forgive a bit of missing realism! Again, some of the perversity of the girls came through, with Majou-san trying to get Otsuu to dress up in sexy costumes, and then there's Ringo's suggested reward for Ryoushi~ Ookami-san has been a good series, with a mix of fanservice, laughter, profound character stories, and action. I'm looking forward to the final episode, and I hope there's more to come!

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