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wow this shit is insane! But that's basically what I expected from Imaishi's latest project, Panty & Stocking. This is an original anime by GAINAX airing next season, with a Western cartoon art-style and a determinedly crazy approach to storytelling.

This promo looks like it'll be a fairly cheap show to make from an animation perspective (which is what I'd guessed, considering the budget for this show should reflect its limited domestic audience). The designs are obviously simply, but the animation looks quite rapid and sharp so that few drawings are required. The content is about as raunchy and absurd as I'd hoped, but the PV was actually surprisingly awesome. I think it's the erotic music!

I think I MIGHT enjoy this show. I'll be giving it a try at least. Usually avoid things that stray too much toward Western styles or stories, but this could be an exception.

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