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Shiki #9

Sorry, I haven't had much variation in my Shiki ratings for a while now. The 'Amazing' rating basically describes my feelings for the show right now. Shiki has really taken hold of me, like one of the vampire's victims. It's one of those series were I just can't wait to see the new episode! Again, this episode is packed with suspense and even borders on the horror genre at times with some genuinely creepy scenes, such as Muroi and Ozaki seeing their first vampire in the window after hearing the scratching on the glass.

This week swung the focus back on to the doctor and the monk duo trying to protect a patient from more supernatural blood suckings. It felt a good time to revisit these guys, even if it's cruel to leave the cliffhanger of last week still hanging in the balance. Having the story move forward on two fronts like this means you can extract more from the story without losing the sense of momentum (like how both sides had to go through a process of reaching the vampire answer to the mystery). Quite honestly, Shiki has been paced almost 
perfectly. The first episode was a little off, but after the third or so it's been utterly riveting.

The music was fantastic, the story fascinating and the characters compelling. Natsuno, Muroi and Ozaki make great heroes, while the spikey-eared Tatsumi is an awesome villain. There were also hints at a broader story:

⚫ Tatsumi saying that they aren't allowed to kill Ozaki yet suggests that there's some plan at work, some reason why the vampires are doing what they're doing.

⚫ Muroi's story is explained, and it seems to have some kind of abstract significance (or is it just me with that feeling?). 

The episode had a fantastic storyboard and was directed really well, and this is thanks to the fact that veteran Shinsuke Terasawa directed, storyboarded and supervised the animation.

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