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Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi #10

  Yep, I'm still loving this show! I love the way it swings from pure hilarity like episode 8, to really poignant emional stories like episode 9, and then over into serious mode to deal with the ongoing conflict between the Otogi Bank and the deliquent gang, led by Ookami's past abuser. I don't think anyone predicted just how brutal the twist at the end of the episode would be, after a carefully planned attempt by the evil gang succeeded in capturing most of Ookami's friends. It was really quite shocking (especially the threatening phone call to Ringo), and left the episode on a thrilling cliffhanger! The animation didn't really stand out for me either way this week, so I won't try and comment on it. It wasn't an episode handled solo by a talented animator or anything this time.

I think I'm too tired at the moment to comment further!

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