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Strike Witches #9

So this was the obligatory beach episode! While there were plenty of nice butts and cute girls in swimsuits running around, it didn't really feel very sexy like a good beach episode should. But that's probably because we're used to seeing the witches in the underwear anyway. On the plus side, they tried to do a little more than just swimsuits for 20 minutes by incorporating a character story revolving around Perrine. The sentiment was nice, but the whole premise felt a bit too silly for me to enjoy. I just couldn't bring myself to care about the bridge, and it just felt like Perrine was being needlessly emotional about the whole thing. So the passable fanservice was really all the episode had going for it, and the yuri kiss between Mio and Mina. Alchohol does wonderful things, right? In this case, it feels like it let out some dormant sexual tension!

But the episode gave the very striking impression of being CHEAP. Low-framerate animation, crappy-looking in-between drawings, and glaring budget-saving tactics. It was kind of fun, but lacked the usual Strike Witches spirit!

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