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Sakuga AMV - Tanaka Hiroki

Because I've been mentioning this guy a lot lately, with his involvement in Black Rock Shooter, Ookami-san, the new Mahoromatic OVAs, and the first Strike Witches season, I thought it might be a good idea to share just how awesome his animation is!

He is one of my favourite animators for a reason! He has his own distinct style (look for the hair), but he is able to capture fluid motion really well without losing detail or being too off-model. I think this makes him a really great animator for character battles scenes, which comes through in the AMV. His work on the original Strike Witches stood out so far beyond the rest of the series, and makes the new season look terribly animated. The episode of Kurenai he handled (episode 6) was one of the most animated TV-anime episodes I have ever seen.

Anyway, this is a really great, action-packed AMV that shows off the beauty that anime can achieve, and I hope you enjoy it!

This is a topic I'm really interested in, so please share your thoughts.

Tags: sakuga

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