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Highschool of the Dead #9

This episodes follows the exploits of Saeko and Komuro as they are forced to spend the night together before regrouping with the others. Saeko was always my favourite of the female characters, and her and Komuro have an interesting chemistry that this episode took to new levels, opening up a physical and romantic relationship between them. This was an unexpected twist for me, as I'd assumed we'd get a Komuro/Rei pairing before anything else. Unexpected, but also really interesting! By exploring the depths of Saeko's dark and twisted character, this episode definitely made it harder for people to say it's totally shallow. It's shallow in the sense that it doesn't mind pandering with panty-shots, and bouncing breast, but now I can see that it's still able to deliver a bit of emotion and depth. Saeko's character is certainly unusual for anime (the closest thing being Revy, but she doesn't have the guilt complex), and I'm not sure where I stand on her. I don't think unleashing her sadistic mania is for the best, ultimately.

As usual, the production values were good, with some nice flashes of animation dotted throughout the action sequences.

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