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Shiki #8

Ah, Shiki always leaves you thirsty for more! As the show progresses it also becomes fast-paced and intense. When you're watching Shiki it always feels like you're on the cusp of some big new development, and we're now at the point where episodes are able to end on potent cliffhangers. While the vampires have had their way with the village so far, this episode marks an important swing to the human population as Natsuno and his two allies uncover the truth behind the recent spate of death. But as they move closer to the truth and become more aggressive, they're placed in increasing peril. This trend is making the series move slowly towards its horror label. Their vampiric enemies are becoming increasingly unsettling. At times creepy, always absorbing, and with the spark of resistance lit within Natsuno and the doctor, more and more gripping, Shiki is great, sophisticated entertainment.

The music and sound design this episode was especially impressive!

Natsuno is one of the best young male protagonists to come out of recent anime. He started off as cool and distant in a very indifferent kind of way, but now he's earned his place as one of the main characters.

It's almost like a story within a story, but the dark and strange relationship between Sunako and Muroi is last streak of genuine intrigue this series has left. The conflict with the vampires is heating up, but it's now been largely explained. Sunako's motives and how she fits in with the murderous intentions of her relatives remains a fascinating unknown. I foresee Muroi and Sunako becoming key to how this story will play out in the end.

The little girl with the doll wasn't exactly creepy, but it was unnerving! I think my reaction would have been similar to Natsuno's father's. I got a kick out of devious smile when he invited her oniichan into the house! Judging by her manner of speech, I'd say she's quite an old vampire (obviously residing from somewhere that no longer exists in name..). I wonder how Natsuno will get out of this one!?

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