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Strike Witches #8

It's pretty clear to me by now that this new season of Strike Witches can't live up to the standards set by its first season. The kind of content is the same, and the writing is not too different (arguably better, even), but the area where things fall apart is AIC's animation production . This series has had limited animation, and when this episode delivered some fleeting moments of actual animation, some of that was marred by poor in-between drawings. The action sequences look awkard and are uninspired. GONZO definitely got the job done better, and the presence of animator Hiroki Tanaka is sorely missed. The production highlight of the series so far was Shoujo Saeki's storyboard for episode 6.

Animation aside, this was a fairly average episode. The final climax had a satisfying emotional kick to it, but it doesn't make up for the flat first half of the episode. At least Miyafuji has levelled up now! It's a shame I didn't have time to review the 7th episode, because that was a lot of fun (although, again, it doesn't match the first season's -extreme-fanservice episode!).

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