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Highschool of the Dead

There wasn't much about this episode that didn't stand out, from the inconspicuous hummer, the loli-in-distress, or the sniper indulgence of manly otaku, Kouta, to the nipples on the girls' obscenely-sized breasts! All this culminated in a rescue sequence that can only be described as 'fucking awesome!' - a sexy naked-apron warrior girl riding into battle on top of a zombie-crushing hummer and supported by the gunslinging Kouta. To my amusement, Kouta was as torn as the audience when it came to the choice of zombie killan' or ero! The fanservice in this show is totally excessive (which I maintain isn't a bad thing), but it doesn't let itself rely on its shots of tits and ass, instead crafting a thoroughly entertaining mix of emotion, action, humour and action. Yeah, it's very silly, but it's silly with gusto! 

Despite its simplicity, I thought the story of the loli newcomer witnessing the murder of her father resonated better than any other character tale in the show so far. I felt sad for her. but seriously, those people in the house - what the fuck, guys!? I think most people would ask questions THEN stab, at least.

I grinned enthusiastically at the loli pee scene. It was so unexpected and out of place that it was really amusing! But unlike Kiss X Sis they didn't show anything haha

Kouta is becoming more awesome by the episode!

The animation and general execution was really good this week (as it always is). To Madhouse's credit, HotD pulls off some very ambitious action sequences for a TV-anime. And the show is clearly benefiting from the talents of Tetsuro Araki as director.

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