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Asobi ni Ikuyo #6

So it's time for alien catgirls to go in heat, and Eris feels the effects! The other half of the episode emotively touches on the history of Kio and Manami's relationship. I have to admit, that was kind of touching, even ifs sentimentality seemed out of place in a series that's otherwise highly retarded. But overall, retarded pretty well covers this episode. The awesome idea of having the catgirls congregate for a meeting naked was kind of wasted on the TV format, with the inclusion of censorship (although AT-X could've run it uncensored). I think that scene will be nosebleed worthy in the BD release! The production values aren't worth talking about, and there was very little plot substance. The fact that they could fire off several rounds of a handgun in suburban Japan without attracting attention strikes me as a bit too dumb. This show has been hit-and-miss for me.

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