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Shiki #6

From its rather humble beginnings with a weak episode 1, Shiki has very quickly pulled ahead of the competition to claim its rightful place as my favourite anime of the season! This series benefits both from the creative and experimental style that its noitaminA timeslot encourages and the storytelling strengths of its original novels by Fuyumi Ono to become a really accomplished anime. While I still have a few issues with the art style, and I'll conceed that there isn't a lot of animation to speak of, the interesting and proffessional framing and strong scripts make it a quality anime.

This week was particularly good because it smashes together a lot of questions and gives a shocking answer! At this stage, so much has suddenly become clear, that I'm wondering how much longer it can keep up its mystery angle! But it's a sign of a good story that it kept you guessing and suddenly was able to make things crystal clear. And now that we know vampires are to blame, and most probably who they are, there's a sense of menace to the increasingly foreboding village that wasn't there before.

Again, the interactions between Muroi and Sunako are fascinating, enchanting, and strangely intimate. Their dialogue feels very unlike anything I've seen in anime. Then there's the doctor, who's actually very believable in his role. He's a character you can't really empathise with. Natsuno is also increasingly marching his way into being a good hero character.

I hope there's more good stuff to come, and hopefully the suspense can continue its upward trend!

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