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Highschool of the Dead #6

First thing I've gotta mention .. fanservice explosion!!! And not just regular fanservice, but really unabashed fanservice! You've got to appreciate an anime that isn't ashamed to share its assets. While it may have lacked a flat-chested character for balance, the proliferation of T&A was still much appreciated! This really feels like the cliche bath-scene of old, almost like a throwback to that obligatory scene where the girls share a bath and invariably end up sizing up and groping each other's breasts. The art quality was really good, emphasizing the erotic tones very well, even if this was probably a rather cheap episode by the standards of this series. 

This is truly a great example of anime clashing with Hollywood; you get the zombie cliches straight out of zombie movies and then combine it with something only anime gets away with - full-force ecchi! What a great pit-stop this was from the zombie hordes!

Of course, there was also some fun to be had with Hirano fanboying over the gun collection at the apartment. The side-story about the police trying to maintain order was kind of hard to swallow, though. Then there's the fact that the character development remains hard to buy into. Rei comes off as needy and bitchy, and that fucking nurse - every time she opens her slutty mouth I want to kill something. Saeko is a good, relaxed character, even if it seemed like a stretch that she'd happily don a naked-apron getup! The episode was good for the T&A eye-candy but not much else.

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