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Yamakan Ultimatum, Fractale

Well-known rogue director, Yamakan (Yamamoto Yutaka) is making a return to anime after his live-action film director debut! It was announced in Newtype a few days ago - an interesting collaboration between Yamakan, an anime critic as the storywriter, and the producer of R.O.D and other major titles: "Fractale". But, he's done something very strange, yesterday sharing an open letter that reveals he's committed to retiring from anime if this new series doesn't do well.

This is definitely very unusual. He says he's going to put everything he has into this show, so if it doesn't succeed then the anime medium isn't for him. Unlike many anime directors, he probably has a safe route to a career as a live-action director, hence his willingness to bail from anime. But he also says that he's worried if anime will be able to survive and grow in the near future, so if he can't lead the way with a succesful new series, he may as well quit. Of course, this could also be a response to his critics. It's fine that he chose to make this anime a personal ultimatum, but the fact that he publicised it suggests at least some degree of attention-grabbing. I like that Yamakan is able to cause a storm (and he said years ago that he wanted to be an outspoken force in the anime industry), but I think it's stupid to pin his hopes on this one anime.

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