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Asobi ni Ikuyo #5

Even when everything else about this episode was distinctly below average, Asobi ni Ikuyo continues to get it right in its one redeeming area: fanservice! Yes, the story is terrible. Yes, it's highly retarded. Yes, the animation was poor. But was it still entertaining? Yes!~ Almost topping the extreme dosage of school swimsuits in episode 3, this week we get to feast our eyes on Aoi and Manami in sexy bunny-girl bikinis!! As you can see above, the win of these costumes is maximum! Then of course, there's the continued nekomimi appeal.

So it was still entertaining thanks to the eye-candy and the fact that it doesn't take itself too seriously. But the continuity, and poor animation puts this below the standards of other Asobi ni Ikuyo episodes. Also, I'm going to have to come out and say: Assisteroids are fucking lame.

Also, Aoi is surprisingly flat-chested! I never realised, but she has a lovely 'zannen mune'!

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