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Strike Witches #6

I'm going to put this to you as frankly as possibe: the only reason I gave this episode a 3 rather than a two is out of respect for the charming yuri moments and themes it offered up! Lucchini meets a cute new friend and ends up spending the day on a whirlwind date tour of Rome with her ♥! While the love-love tones were kept subtle, the cuteness that came from their interactions was mind-blowing. Lucchini was definitely on-top form, imbued with extreme moe charms from Chiwa Saito. Then there's Sanya and Eila, who are acting more and more like a couple! I hope the next episode focuses on them! I LOVED Eila's musings on Sanya using her pillow. The yuri in this series is initially what drew me to it (with the pantsu and nekomimi being a bonus), so I guess you could say this episode directly hit my soft spot.

On the downside, the action sequence was poor and the episode was cheaply produced overall, with subpar animation.

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