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Finally my curiosity can be satisfied! The collaborative anime project headed by Yamakan, Okada Mari and an otaku critic Azuma Hiroki, has a title and is confirmed to be the January noitaminA series! The title is, "Fractal" (nice name!), and further information was also announced in the latest Newtype:

(Via MAL)

Director: Yamamoto Yutaka
Series Organizer: Okada Mari
Original Concept: Mandelbrot Engine
Original Script: Azuma Hiroki
Original Character Designs: Hidari (light novel "Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan")
Production Studio: A-1 Pictures Inc.

The story takes place in an island, where "Fractale System" is beginning to collapse. One day, Crane finds an injured girl Phryne under a cliff. She disappears leaving a pendant. Crane sets out for a journey with a girl-shaped avatar Nessa to look for Phryne and discovers the secret of Fractale System.

The synopsis really doesn't give much more than a few undefined keywords away, but it still seems intruiging. Coming off the back of BRS, given the noitaminA timeslot, and with the involvement of Azuma Hiroki, this is bound to be a very 'different' and interesting series indeed. The designs seem great!

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