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Shiki #4

While it didn't have the tight, urgent sense of tension that episode 2 exuded, this was probably the best episode of Shiki yet, for a couple of reasons. We had a lot of movement on the plot side of things; the escalating epidemic that's killing off the town, and the convoluted mystery that may be behind it! The mystery component of the series was served by a few obscure details, such as the suspicious removalist trucks, which I think is the best way to develop a story like this. Nothing is obvious, but it keeps us guessing by providing tidbits like that. I honestly have no idea what's going on, and I can't even develop a good theory at this point (feel free to share yours!). Then there's the horror element, which has been spiced up by the presensce of the innately creepy Sunako, and, this week, a chilling and claustrophobic scene in which Shimizu reappears in vampiric style. That scene was genuinely great; I guess I have to hand it to Yasunori Ide.

The script was really good this week. While I've had problems with it being disjointed and dry before, I do appreciate the intelligence behind Shiki, which comes through in its very technical medical dialogue from the doctor and nurses, as well as the fascinating philosophical interchanges of Sunako and Muroi. Shiki is still a bit shaky in the characterisation department, but intriguing and occasionally creepy nonetheless.

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