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Strike Witches II #4

This was your stock-standard Strike Witches outing: plenty of fanservice, cute girl moments, Neuroi killan', and a simple but marginally interesting character story. I actually found last week's episode to be below average (despite all the action the Witches' crotches recieved), but this one picked up the pace and was really enjoyable! For the first time I think I've actually come to like Charlotte - she's prideful but stays wisely away from arrogance. I also found Gertrud's competitive streak that her bickering with Charlotte brought out to be pretty interesting. Lots of likeable character moments, and plenty of other charm points, including loli skinship with Yoshika and Luccini sharing a bath, oppai exhibition with the clothes-shunning Charlotte, and plenty of eye-candy spread around the episode.

Good fun.

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