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Asobi ni Ikuyo #3

Now this is more like it!!! It took me a long time to get around to this episode (I seem to be behind in everything these days!), but if I'd known it was going to be this much of a great fanservice spectactle, I would have made the effort sooner!! Fanservice spectacle sums this up pretty well. The plot is trite and immature, the characterisation lacking in earnesty, and the humour is your standard ecchi-harem fare (ie. expect the male lead to get hit a lot by girls for consistently being in the wrong place at the wrong time). Luckily, as the audience, we get to see the ero sights without the injury! As a big sukumizu fan, the episode got on my good side quickly with an opening scene of unadulterated school swimsuit titilation. You know that cheesy sci-fi line aliens use 'we've taken the form most pleasing to human eyes'. I think these girls are the first aliens to truly live up to that promise! 

There's also plenty of frustratingly concealed nudity, and a budding harem love story beginning to evolve. Even if the characters are impossible to take seriously, I have to admit, I find Kana Hanazawa's character as moe as she is generic! 

If the show just gives up on its rubbish story and dramatic aspects and focuses on being a mindless ecchi series, then I say bring it on! More episodes like this please! 

I don't have much to say about the production qualities which have been remarkably unremarkable after the first episode.

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