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Love Live School Idol Project Cast

The cast for Lantis x G's Magazine x Sunrise's multi-media project 'Love Live! school idol project', have been announced!

高坂穂乃果:寿美菜子 Minako KOTOBUKI
絢瀬絵里:伊藤かな恵 Kanae ITOU
南ことり:内田彩  Aya UCHIDA
園田海未:伊瀬茉莉也 Mariya ISE
星空凛:悠木碧  Aoi YŪKI
西木野真姫:野水伊織  Iori NOMIZU
東條希:高垣彩陽 Ayahi TAKAGAKI
小泉花陽:阿澄佳奈  Kana ASUMI 
矢澤にこ:竹達彩奈 Ayana TAKETATSU

Kanae Itou キタぁあああああああ!!!! I've been a fan of Kanae Itou's since her first role as Amu, and I'm loving the traction her career is gaining. But I'm a bit worried she's not suited to this. I'm not sure her singing abilities are great enough for an idol project.. 

But it's not just Kanae-san, there's also Kana Asumi (Poplar)! Actually, I'm familiar with all these seiyuu and actually really like all of them. At the very least, this anime will be a joy to listen to XD

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