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Highschool of the Dead 3

In the third week of Highschool of the Dead, weaknesses in the storytelling quality are starting to become more of an issue, but with unrelentingly impressive production qualities, it still manages to hold steady as an entertaining action series. By weaknesses in the story, I’m referring to some critical implausibilities that make it difficult to suspend your belief and truly get caught up in the events of the show. I know it isn’t intended to be realistic, but I always expect there to be a certain degree of logic and commonsense to a story. Now that we’ve seen just how ineffective these zombies – not only are they barely able to muster up a slow slouch towards their targets, but they’re also reliant solely on their hearing to source prey. Blind zombies without even a sense of smell; they’re not really pandemic-material. How do they even know where to bite people? I consider this a problem with the show because, putting aside the lack of believability, it takes out a sense of danger. But the biggest flaw is in the characterization. The characters are likeable enough, and have interesting facets to them, but they don’t feel like real people and so it’s difficult to empathise with them. It feels like they’re just puppets to stumble from one dramatic pinch to the next. However, there is a redeeming factor: the eye candy.   ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

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