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After the fairly poorly-received first episode, I was searching for something redeeming going into the second installment of Shiki. And I definitely found what I was looking for. Whereas the first episode just felt too awkward and dissonant to be enjoyable or engaging, this time we’re treated to a really grabbing and intriguing mystery-thriller. The direction and storyboarding this week felt like a big improvement – far more able to craft a sense of atmosphere and suspense. But there’s also a big improvement in characterization now that the selfish and unrelatable Megumi is out of the way. Since her death, focus has shifted to someone more mature and likeable: the sharp local doctor, Ozaki Toshio. With this change of focus the show suddenly feels a lot less silly and messy.       ⚫ ⚫ ⚫

Tags: Shiki Review

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