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HotD Director Loves Bouncing Breasts

This is pretty hilarious! This guy is a major champion of kinetic oppai! I never expected the director of Death Note to have such a shounen heart, but I guess it's a good thing he's so keen on HotD - it'll be a production made with love!

Higschool of the Dead director, Tetsuro Araki, in an interview for magazine Dragon Age. (Via Sankaku Complex)

RE:Highschool of the Dead

What would it be like if a school was overrun by zombies?

… There’d be the breasts of a hot teacher bouncing around all over the place, wouldn’t there? She’d be trying to save her class from all kinds of trouble.

I try to keep this in mind when making the anime.


“Even if the world is swarming with zombies, let us not forget the breasts and thighs!” – those are our watchwords.


I want to keep making lots of scenes full of jiggling breasts as much as possible. We really think the people who come to watch this are in it for the boobs.

Currently we are constantly researching how to better portray realistically the jiggling breast.


Yes, it’s all about the breast jiggle. I’ve never even seen an anime with as much jiggle as this. We’re still in production for the remaining episodes but we’re going to keep at it with the jiggling.

Tell us what motivated you to make Highschool of the Dead?

I’m aiming for something I would have bought myself in middle school. At present, this would definitely have been a “buy” for me. I can feel my schoolboy heart rejoicing even now.

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